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10 Year Plan

10 Year Plan

We took some time recently to set out some goals that we would like to achieve as a brand. Some of them are ambitious, but this is something that we pride ourselves on greatly. Check out our 10 year plan and discover the direction Kleurstof Apparel is heading in for the future.


What a year 2020 was. Lockdowns, Zoom calls and the creation of Kleurstof Apparel. We never could have imagined that last year was going to be as wild as it was, but here we are. Since the start of the new year, we have already launched our first product of the year: the Original Hoodies. So far it has been a success, and we are already looking to expand our product line further. We are working extremely hard in the background to bring our community something which will have a massive positive impact on our planet. We can’t say what it is yet but be sure to keep your eyes peeled on all of our socials and the website.

With COVID still being a massive factor in the world, we have had to adapt over the last year. 2021 will be no different, and we have a better grasp on how to get around it. We are still going to continue to expand the brand further and grow our community to a larger scale. This will be achieved through the release of more products and more collaborations in the near and not so distant future. This year is looking bright for Kleurstof, we hope you continue to support us.


Over the next 2 years we want to continue to expand. The first main goal for this will be to provide international shipping. We hope that by this point the brand will have grown substantially and we will see our products gracing countries across the planet. We want to be able to provide a much more extensive product line to our customers; expanding into much more detailed product designs, collabs, accessories, you name it. Pending how COVID is still affecting the planet, we have ideas to do a pop-up event in Glasgow with a variety of other local clothing brands. This could also be done this year, but the idea is in the pipeline so stay tuned. We want to connect the city of Glasgow together and help promote small businesses in the local area to help them grow just like us.


2026 seems like it is way in the future, however it will creep up closer than you think. We are already thinking about what life will look like for the Kleurstof Apparel brand in that time. Something that we will want to do is grow our employee base in that time potentially, using more people with expert knowledge and the same philosophies as us. Some of these employees will also be working in our retail store. That’s right, our own shop based in Glasgow! We have a lot of ambition and we are putting it to good use. Our own store would be amazing as a way to directly interact with our community and get our product out there. This is a major goal for us and is something that we want to see happen in this time. We appreciate that it will take a lot of time and effort, however the sky is the limit for us and we believe we can do it in the next 5 years. It goes without saying in this time we would be looking to improve our product line and expand further. We know we talk about expansion a lot, but it is something that is extremely important to us. We are grateful with how much our small start-up has grown so far and we want that continue over the next 5 years to the point that our own store is not just words on a blog, but a reality.


Ten years. A significant milestone for the company. Who knows what will happen in that time. Maybe another pandemic could be on the cards, but we really hope not. By this point we have a massive target set. We want to have built the foundations for a fully sustainable supply chain – this would involve producing our garments in-house in a carbon neutral (or negative) facility. We are trying to bridge the vast gap between sustainable practices like reusing and repurposing clothes from thrift shops to the empire that is fast fashion. Currently, we have no idea how this will look but it’s not stopping us from working towards this goal in the short-term. While we continue to bring you new products, this is always in the back of our minds. We want to have our entire process as sustainable as humanly possible and set the standard for the fashion industry. Having our own Glasgow-based facility would be a dream come true for the brand, producing our premium sustainable streetwear in the city Kleurstof was founded.

Another major point for our 10 year plan is to be one of the more recognisable brands for sustainable streetwear fashion in the world. This will take a lot of hard work which we are fully prepared for. Competition is at its highest right now when it comes to the fashion industry. We are trying to set ourselves apart from the crowd and show off our unique style and brand personality. We can’t do that without you, our community. Sharing our content and continuing to support every product launch will get us to that stage so we can bring you bigger and better things that we think you will love.

Written by Jonathan (Kleurstof Co-Founder)